The Elder Scrolls Online Fast Farm Gold Guide


It is not easy for a player to get lots of gold in The Elder Scrolls Online guide. Slaying dragons make players collects a little. As to quests, players have to spend much time and energy in gaining some gold. However, players need a great deal of currency in the game. For example, the cheapest horse cost 17000 gold coins. In all, it is easy to cost but hard to gain. How to fast farm so gold? There are some methods for players. Check out ESO Mastery Guide’s ESO Handbook.

When players complete quests, they will get some money as rewards. It is a common way to earn money in the game. However, as what I said above, players have to spend much time and energy on it. No longer say more about it here

Crafting Resources
As we all know, there is a variety of resources in the game, such as maple, herb, meat, iron and so on. Various resources can be used to craft different items. Herb can be makes into potions. Blacksmithing crafts armors with iron. Thus, players can collect those resources to sell. Players can sell the raw recourse. It is better to refine the raw materials first for sale if gamers want to get more coins.

Valuable Items
Having completed the quest, players can obtain rewards including good equipment and weapons. As so gamers, they can sell their good equipment or unique weapons in the Zone Chat. First, they ought to show the items in the Zone Chat to make others know. If someone wants to buy, they can right click the item to sell.

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Elder Scrolls online leveling guide for Nightblades.
Nightblades are among the versatile of the ESO classes. Combining elements of rogue, evoker and alchemist into a new and powerful combination Nightblades can be played in a variety of ways and are the favorite class among ESO beta testers. For those folks chomping at the bit for the official release who can’t wait to get their hands on some of the Nightblades high-level awesomeness, here’s a quick Elder Scrolls online leveling guide specifically for Nightblades.

Go Big or Go Home

While there are some ways Nightblades (and ESO in general) differ from traditional MMOs, one thing that is the same is you get more XP for killing challenging enemies. So fight above your level whenever possible, take on sidequests the moment they are available, and kick as much high-level butt as possible.

Max Your Skills

You want to invest in Sneak, as well as skills like Conjuration, Mysticism, and Alchemy that improve your Magicka. However, with all the “Oh Shiny!” of the Nightblades skill set it can be tempting to points into everything. Don’t. You are far better off choosing a few attacks and bringing them to their maximum. Those two or three powerful attacks will take down more (and higher leveled) enemies than a dozen low-level attacks. Remember: specialize, specialize, specialize.

A full-length Elder Scrolls online leveling guide will give you detailed suggestion on which skills are the most useful to you, but if you don’t get one, use your best judgment and max out those skills.

You’re a Rogue, Act Like It

Alright, so Nightblades aren’t JUST rogues, but seriously. Don’t go barreling headfirst into combat. Attack from the shadows. Take out as many enemies as you can without aggroing their friends. Scout the terrain to find hiding spots where you can go to ground to heal. The attack, retreat, attack again, whittle them down with ranged attacks before getting up close and personal. The Nightblade is a sneaky, adaptable guy. Use that. If you can kill your enemy with a single hit from the shadows, do it! If you can’t, then you still got in one hit that he never saw coming and couldn’t defend against.

Don’t Be Afraid to Group

Nightblades might seem like solitary figures, but they can work well in a group, taking a variety of rolls including tank, DPS and support depending on how you build them. According to some Elder Scrolls online leveling guides, getting together with a small group (2-4 players) will let you take on fairly high-level enemies, while still getting massive XP bonus even after the XP is split between the players. That’s because the XP bonus for the high-level opponent makes the XP gain higher, even split, than taking on enemies at your level alone.

While you are at it, don’t forget to spend some time on crafts for the useful bonuses, and exploring to pick up hidden quests, Skyshards and lore books. Joining the Thieves Guild or Dark Brotherhood when they come out will also give you access to additional quests which can help you level faster.