Build Your Own eSports Brand Effortlessly with eSports Consulting


The term eSports refers to the modern gaming phenomena where professional gamers or players come together in an organized competition platform to compete with each other in electronic games for mind blowing championship prize pools. The gaming competitions provide various genres to compete in, like: real-time strategy, first-person shooter, multiplayer battle games, etc.

The Global eSports Insustry – An Overview

When Amazon bought Twitch in 2014 for $970 million, the news became a lead indicator for the eSports industry that it is going to be the most promising lucrative platform which has the potential to grow exponentially in the future. Amazon was so right in its decision. The recent predictions indicate that the eSports industry will pick up a handsome global revenue of $500 million in 2016 which will be a 25% increment from 2015 when the global revenue was $400 million.

eSports Consulting – The Definitive eSports Business Plan

Are you are interested in running an eSports business to reap profits from this incessantly growing industry? Then you definitely need eSports consulting. With this service you can effortlessly become a part of the global eSports industry and reap the profits that the big brands are reaping. With eSports consulting you can get assistance in developing a business plan that will guide you to setup strategies for the creation and promotion of your brand in no time. You shall also be assisted in the development of products and/or services needed to generate revenue quickly from this rapidly growing market.

Branding Strategies

To begin developing a branding strategy one needs to investigate into the latest released reports of the eSports industry and also the earlier ones. You should talk to a Esports marketing consulting company. With that information in hand, one can proceed to developing strategies for branding like:

· Ways to create and promote a brand

· Finding eSports fans

· Persuading fans to buy products/services

· Finding SEO strategies—on a continuous basis— to rank the brand on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

· Using the most updated technological tools to elongate success, etc.

With the right eSports consulting, all of these things will be taken care of in the background by the consultants while you will run a proudly profiting business at the forefront.

Target Audience

The most captive audiences can be found in sport clubs, companies and individual players who share a unanimous passion for eSports. With the captive audience in hand, one needs to go further to see:

· Which gaming genres are the most popular?

· The style of gaming most people are interested in

· The most consumed products or services—like event tickets and branded peripherals to name a few—during the last few years and,

· The games with the most participation, etc.

Let the eSports consulting do this job for you as well because consultants are loaded and updated with such data on a day to day basis to keep up with the momentum of the industry.

Brand Creation

Individuals who take assistance from eSports consulting receive invaluable information on creating and promoting brands. Once the target audience is derived, strategies are needed to capture that group of audience and then convert them into regular consumers. Before beginning, ask yourself the following questions:

· How do you want to appear in front of your target audience?

· What products/services have you got for them?

· How your products/services are better than what is already available in the industry?

Give the appropriate answers to your consultant and your brand will be created easily in no time.

Brand Promotion

Promotion is another area that is given a lot of attention to because promotions bring in leads, a percentage of which gets converted into regular customers. Regular customers are needed to run and expand the eSports business smoothly. Let the eSports consulting handle all the promotional channels like social media, newsletters, RSS feeds, television, radio, newspapers, etc.

Tools of the Trade

A wide array of experience, skills, networking and good methodologies are required at a fundamental level just to find the right tools. Without the latest tools, expansion of the eSports business will become limited and so will its revenue. A legitimate eSports consulting will give your business the latest ideas on:

· Designing

· Content & Video Production

· Marketing and Public Relations

· Top rankings on search engines

· Event management and coverage

· Tournament planning with wise investments

Remember, that: all the advice you will receive from eSports consulting is based on an extensive amount of research conducted over a very long period of time on a global scale. Then this collected data is compared with other relevant and authoritative data available from other countries, companies, researchers etc. Then experiments are conducted to see the reality and its comparison with the collected information. After finding all the similarities and differences in the collected data, the conclusion then becomes an authoritative advice which is confidently ready to be delivered by eSports consulting services to eSports business launchers.